Amy Farrow

Amy is a deeply passionate and light hearted Yoga teacher and Boheme Yoga studio creator.

I found Yoga, or Yoga found me over 10 years ago and life got better, simpler, happier, deeper, brighter and I love being able to guide you on that journey too. There was something I found hidden in the postures and teachings that just made sense to me + I feel blessed to be able to make that my lifestyle and honoured to help you to achieve that too.

I have now been teaching for over 7 years locally and have been running Boheme Yoga for 4 years. I like my classes to guide you within, reconnecting to the perfection + peace inside you, to challenge you, inspire you and to finish feeling like a big warm hug inside and out.

I am also incredibly passionate about young people and helping them find the path of Yoga early in life, which I do through Chase the Sun Wellbeing Programs offering the practice + self development to kindergarten aged right through to high school.

When I am not here holding space for you, you will catch me smiling and daydreaming in the sunshine.