Crystal O'Rourke

When Crystal discovered yoga for the first time she was unaware then just how much it would change her life. Upon starting a weekly practice of yoga and searching for a deeper meaning of life, immediately the magic of the asana unfolded.

“Everything just made sense, connecting movement to breath gave me an opportunity to pause, and look at the mirror within. I started to leave what wasn’t healthy and my practice on the mat started to influence everything I did off the mat, like a rippling effect. I felt the fears, worries & negative thought patterns shift. I started to live in the present, to see the beauty in the mundane, to breathe deeply, to connect to myself, and to others in a way I never had before…”. 

Crystal teaches Barre Pilates and Hatha Vinyasa Flow classes catering to all different levels.

Through Crystal’s passion and continuous study she believes Yoga gives us access to very beautiful principles to live a life of connection, purpose and love.

Born and raised on the Gold Coast, Crystal… LOVES the ocean, surfing, SUP yoga, rock climbing, handstands, philosophy, teaching, dancing, travelling, vegetables, learning, music, anatomy, fears, growing, experiencing new cultures, connection, writing, contemporary movement, photos, dark chocolate, wisdom, love, watching documentaries, laughing, breathing, life.