Boheme represents a carefree lifestyle unbounded by convention and led from the heart with a yearning to live and love more.

Yoga for us is this carefree lifestyle.

It is your path to wellbeing, it’s the integration of the body, spirit and the mind; it is the understanding that everything we do, feel, think and believe has a direct impact on your state of mind + health.

Yoga gives you the opportunity to create harmony and happiness in your mind and body leading you to a state of wellbeing away from the mat as well.

At Boheme and Body we provide a fresh, fun yoga + wellbeing experience.

We aim to make Yoga simple + accessible to all bodies, no matter your age, experience, physical or mental limitations.

We believe Yoga is the way to a happy + healthy life,  it begins with desire and becomes who you are.

Let us lead you there.

Feel well. Live well. Do well.
Boheme and Body.