Takkesh Mizoguchi-Thorne

Takkesh’s love for the ocean & surfing has deepened through his movement
practice, creating his own unique movement, Surf Flow which is an integration of movement/yoga, therapy & surf.

Surf Flow was formed through riding the energy of waves in the ocean to flowing the energy through your body in the studio. Takkesh draws his unique style & flow from aspects of Capoeira, Asana, Tai Chi, ZenThai Flow and Qi Gong. 

Takkesh is passionate about sharing his love for the ocean, surf knowledge,
movement and Therapy to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. 

Takkesh’s journey begin at the young age of 5, with his brothers playing the art of Capoeira then he began practicing yoga at 13 years of age to help deepen his surfing throughout competing in the Pro Junior’s and traveling on the QS.

When Takkesh lost his love for competing he dove deeper into becoming a ZenThai Shiatsu Therapist followed by become a facilitator  now offering movement, Therapy & surfing lessons.

Takkesh Mizoguchi-Thorne