Sofia Quintero

Sofia's first Yoga class was about 8 years ago when she was looking for a therapy that could help her regain balance within her body as she had suffered from an injury that affected her physically and emotionally.

She couldn’t believe how incredible she felt after each practice! Not only did her body gain more space and flexibility but she noticed that her mind naturally became calmer and clearer.

Sofia was deeply fascinated by the infinite layers of the practice, always finding something new to learn and to experience. So much to heal and to explore, so many styles of Yoga to be discovered and to love! She knew since then that her heart was never going to step away from this beautiful connection that she found through Yoga!

After many years of practice with different styles of Yoga in Australia and overseas, she realised that this love and passion was a path she wanted to walk and learn from. Sofia did her first teacher training in 2015, studied Applied anatomy and physiology of Yoga with Simon Borg Olivier, and recently completed over 100 hours of Yin Theraphy with Markus Giess and Hugh Lee.

Sofia is deeply inspired by the healing qualities of Yoga, the freedom of movement we can gain through our practice and the quality of mind that we can have through the infinite wisdom of our breath! She loves to incorporate wisdom from Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Indigenous Teachings and Tea meditations in her classes