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Empowered Wellbeing with Dr Stephanie Flockhart

  • Boheme + Body - Varsity Lakes (map)

Join Dr Steph as she talks us through all things health + wellbeing the Chinese Medicine way.

Exploring your body's cycles throughout the day, how + when is best to eat, rest, work + play to live a fully function at your greatest level at all times. 

Dr Steph says, Chinese Medicine offers theories and practical solutions that are relevant for anyone who is unwell, disconnected or not living a life of purpose and passion.

My goal is to deliver these solutions in a new way, through easy to read content and with an approach that is relevant to modern-day living.

Chinese Medicine techniques can be easily applied to your daily rituals, and can deliver fast results with small but consistent lifestyle changes.

I believe health is an encompassing term that reflects our internal and external harmony. Chinese Medicine asks that we take our health cues from the world around us, and we live in balance with nature, in order to create harmony inside us.  

My passions and values include education, connection, travel and health - so you will resonate with my message and my teachings if these topics are of interest to you.

You may be surprised to learn how much Chinese Medicine can assist you to realign with your true purpose, and help you feel truly fulfilled.

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