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Emotional Intelligence & Yin Workshop

Our perceptions of the world around us, of ourselves and of our interactions on a daily basis, directly impact us on every level - physically, emotionally and mentally. 

In this 105 min session, Amy will take you into each Yin pose as Sherrie talks you through how past emotional experiences dictate the way we perceive the world around us and therefore the decisions we make and thus the results we get in life.  

Start to become aware of simple techniques we can use which balance our emotions in order to bring balance in our whole world, on all levels. 

"I loved the journey Sherrie took us on – from the scientific reasons why chemicals are released into the body, making complete sense as to why we have such strong reactions at certain times, to then providing tools to counteract these by balancing the way we process and think about our situation.…Which is really, becoming more Emotionally Intelligent!" Nicole R, Sydney

"Loved, loved, loved Sunday's workshop ❤️ The combination of yin yoga with Sherrie introducing new ideas of thinking and feeling worked so well together. It took me a few days to digest, then it all started coming together and has shifted my perceptions to the point where I am now seeing huge changes in my life!! How awesome!!!!!"  
Alison J, Central Coast

Sherrie's background: 
Sherrie has completed six years of ongoing study with Dr John Demartini in Human Behavioural Science, Neuro Linguistics Master Practitioner, she is a trauma and suicide trained and also work with people with diagnosed mental illness (predominantly those with Schizophrenia). Prior to that she was in Energetic Healing and a meditation facilitator. She now works with people teaching Emotional Intelligence to groups as well as one on one consultations helping people process challenge and trauma.

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