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Outsmart Burnout

You were so excited to do your Teacher Training. Your new life was going to be full of green juices, incredible classes, and Lululemon.  
No one told you it’d be so hectic!  
Literally running to make it to back to back classes, rushing through traffic to make it on time, and living off coffee and raw treats.  
Your practice is suffering - you don’t have time on the mat anymore. You’re exhausted, surviving off 5 hours sleep each night. You’re VATA AF! Scattered, all over the place, and constantly losing things.  
Life isn’t working, and something needs to change.  
We hear you loud and clear!  
And we have the answer.

This 2 hour workshop will educate and empower you to understand the signs and symptoms of Burnout from an Ayurvedic AND Western perspective. We'll look at WHY you are struggling, and WHAT you can do about it. You'll walk away with simple action steps to start to improve your health and wellness, so you can keep sharing your love of Yoga and Fitness with others.
Because your students need you, and you can't serve from an empty cup.

About the facilitator:
Krystal Sayer is an experienced Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, and Clinic / Studio Manager with numerous certifications in Ayurveda, Naturopathy, and Nutrition. She is currently studying Exercise Science at Southern Cross University and has a keen interest in movement and musculoskeletal rehabilitation. She runs workshops and programs to help Yoga Teachers and Fitness Professionals to Live, Move, and Train Intelligently so they can better serve their clients and avoid burnout.

Krystal is a natural healer and leader in the world of health and wellness. She has had extensive training, but she also radiates warmth, has a comforting presence and the on-point intuition that makes her stand out from the rest. She has an extensive tool box to pull from so you can be sure you will get the treatment that is right for you and your particular situation. If you have the chance to work with her, take it! She truly is a light in this world and to know and have worked with her is a blessing. Susan Ferraro - Mindset Coach, LOA Expert

Krystal is a bright spark who walks her talk. She has incredible attention to detail and is highly intuitive, compassionate and genuine. Krystal places her heart and soul into her work and will do the same with you too. She is without a doubt your health and wellness advocate and will lovingly and skilfully guide you in taking the power back of your health. Rowena Jayne - International Yoga Instructor, Raw Chef + Wellness Presenter

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