Kirsten Neilsen

Kirsten’s classes definitely demonstrate her zeal for Yoga, a blend of fun,
invigorating flow and mindfulness meditation. She really encourages her students to express themselves in their own practice and to be in a place of less reaction, judgement and more self-introspection. 

Kirsten’s initial introduction into Yoga first began as purely physical,
practicing Ashtanga yoga. After completing her Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher training in London, she dove head first into assisting and adjusting with her mentor, Senior Ashtanga teacher, Sarah Vaughan, in lead Primary series practices and Mysore. 

Her real ‘Ah ha’ moment came after taking a Power Vinyasa flow class. A strong physical practice like Ashtanga, but with less rigidity and more freedom of your own expression. As her practice evolved, Kirsten became very interested in the spiritual side of Yoga as well becoming highly influenced by Buddhism, she completed her Meditation teacher training.

In 2015 she made the decision to leave her home in London and move across world to Australia to share her love of Yoga.

With love and wellness