Kate Browne

I first fell in love with yoga about 10 years ago and they say if a friendship lasts longer than 7 years, it lasts a lifetime. Yoga is my go to, when the world around me feels uncertain. It creates balance and grounds me at times when I most need it. Yoga is a practice that has become a way of life. Living yoga is a beautiful journey to find stillness and silence amongst all the movement and noise. It is living a more grounded, conscious and empowered existence. That blissful state that yoga gives you to take off the mat, is the most incredible gift to give to yourself and to anyone you share space with.

Yoga has given me clarity, peace, and a space to reconnect to myself.... a space to listen to my inner voice. It’s my self love bubble. My classes are a little yin a little yang, a little playful. I love yoga philosophy so you’ll get a bit of my musings too.