Iveta Rackova

Hi my name is Iveta, 

My passion is aptly the ancient wisdom of Yoga in to our contemporary life’s. 

Yoga has find me in mid 20ies I have never been committed to a physical discipline till then in my whole life. It’s quite bizarre that I end up inspiring people to move & breath, naturally I am not either strong nor flexible, no one is & that is the beauty. Yoga simply find me & showed me my deepest truth I never know existed. 

Offering traditional style of Yoga in non traditional way, in my classes I focus on correct physical alignments and also on the psycho spiritual aspect of the whole practice. 

Using Asana Pranayama Meditation to fully embrace the spark of brilliance with in us all so can navigate in our life with inner peace & harmony. 

You can except bit of sweat out of body & sweet touch to your busy mind ✨

Love to see you on the mat 
Love & smile Iveta 

Iveta Rackova