Chesca was first introduced to the practice of yoga seven years ago in her home city of London. Like many beginners, what began as another avenue of fitness soon lead to the discovery of importance between the mind and body connection. After dipping her toes in many of the varying types of yoga disciplines throughout Europe, she felt a gravitation toward the Vinyasa and yin structures in particular. At the ripe age of 25 and with a now very regular practice apart of her everyday life, Chesca resigned from a Management position in a successful hospitality company and boarded a one way flight to Australia to pursue studies in becoming a yoga teacher and an advanced diploma in Purna Yoga management which she is currently enrolled in. Nearly one year on Chesca has completed her 200H YTT at Krishna Village as well as a 50h Yin Yoga at Byron Bay Yoga Centre. 

Chesca's endeavour with each practice is to produce a balanced routine incorporating meditation, breath work, strength, technique and fun. amidst a constant undertone of mindfulness, also be prepared for a grounding sequence and creative flow in each of Chesca's Classes.

What yoga Means 

We are all unique. Yoga is a gateway to embrace this individuality, a gift to the self. Life is beautiful, this is only apparent with a healthy mind and body relationship. 

Yoga helps me uncover this connection and provides mental clarity to deal with life's diversity and seek that beauty. During each practice I am overcome with  absolute awareness, the importance of self-love, the power of the breath and an overwhelming sense of community. 

All problems are illusions of the mind
- Eckhart Tolle