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Chase the Sun is our sister project +

is changing the way children and teens experience their youth.

Educating and inspiring young people to live long, happy and healthy lives. 

Our youth focused wellbeing programs incorporate yoga, personal development, mindfulness, meditation and positive self talk into a series of activities to engage young people and help them make positive changes in their life through increasing self esteem, self awareness, confidence, health and happiness. 

Through Chase the Sun young people build resilience, discover their dreams + purpose while inhibiting the tools + actions to achieve them,  embrace their own uniqueness, are empowered and become leaders amongst their peers.  

We have kindergarten, primary + high school aged programs. Over 10 weeks children will learn yoga, meditation, positive self talk, and engage in activities designed to increase their individual self awareness, confidence and belief whilst decreasing experiences of anxiety, depression, stress and emotional disorders. 

The beliefs behind the success of the program came from an understanding through research that early intervention and awareness enables young people to understand their own individual needs and empowers them through learning tools to best care for their own physical and mental health. 

Worldwide research from youth and health specialists have found that young people who practise yoga + mindfulness regularly,

experience positive benefits such as:

 an increase in mental concentration, discipline and self control. 

an enhanced ability to problem solve and resolve conflict.

 improved self esteem and confidence.

 decreased anxiety, stress and depression.

physical benefits including; enhanced flexibility, strength, coordination, awareness, core strength,balance and improved posture.

We offer classes here at the shala or held 0n campus at school.

If you would like anymore information on how to start your little loved one in Chase the Sun please contact hello@chasethesun.net.au