At Boheme we like bringing you more from your yoga practice.

Through monthly themes exploring deeper the postures, metaphysical elements of yoga, muscles, organs + energetic experiences of the practice. You will see our themes reflected in our classes, events, workshops + personal challenges.

We offer a variety of regular events to inspire you on + off the mat. Workshops covering asana, self development, lifestyle + social events. We love to collaborate + bring a range of people to Boheme to share their knowledge + talents with you.

Be sure to keep your eyes on Facebook + Instagram for our upcoming events, aswell as singing up to Boheme Latest + Greatest our monthly newsletter where we share all the happenings with you aswell as inspiration, tips + tricks for happy healthy living.

Our inherent values are in community + connection, and as you join us at Boheme you become a special part of our vision.

We encourage you to live the Boheme way, sharing with you through Yoga, Reiki healing, life coaching, collaboration, + sharing space in our Boheme Living room where you can access wifi, have a cup of tea + chat with teachers + fellow students.

We offer Boheme Wellbeing programs for young + old as we work together to help you - Feel Well, Live Well, Do Well.

For any questions big or small please contact us + let’s start you living the Boheme way too.