Ashleigh Maisey

Ashleigh has been inspired by movement in many forms; through strength and conditioning, animalistic movement alongside her yoga discovery. This array of interests, passions and attention to detail brings a lively and embodied experience to her classes. Ashleigh is passionate about vinyasa flow, creative sequencing and connection, not only to the body but to the whole community in the room. Yes, you will walk out feeling connected. Maybe a new friend or two! 

Ashleigh began her personal journey of yoga 5 years ago when she leaned in to compliment the more challenging areas of her life. With a deep fascination in movement and the way it transformed her relationship to body and mind she choose to take it further. Ashleigh has trained and practised alongside some of her favourite inspiring teachers such as Janet Stone and Eoin Finn alongside her experience of teaching in Bali. With certifications in Hatha-Vinyasa, Vinyasa Intensive, Bhakti and experience in Thai Massage and Body work.

Her attention for detail, rooted energy and passion for sensory brings an element of fun, insight and lightness to her classes. You’ll find a little bit of sensory experience in every class; hands on adjustments, aromatherapy and breath work. 

She loves to connect, to meet and explore new ways to go deeper with her students, as a student herself she is always open to learning, adapting and growing with you.